Professional Intruder Alarm Installation in Plymouth

Sanders Secure is dedicated to your safety in Plymouth, South Devon, and Cornwall. Our array of burglar alarm systems, installed by our experienced alarm installers familiar with the local area, merges advanced technology, dependability, and user-friendliness.


Our intruder alarm systems in Plymouth offer unparalleled protection for residential and commercial properties throughout Plymouth, South Devon, and Cornwall.

Dedicated to providing top-notch security solutions, Sanders Secure offers a variety of burglar alarm systems. Installed by our experienced local technicians, our systems merge cutting-edge technology with reliability and ease of use.

Wired Alarm Systems

Wired intruder alarm systems, installed by our expert burglar alarm installers, are often preferred for their extensive range of detection devices compared to wireless systems. While installation costs may be slightly higher, they offer benefits such as more affordable maintenance without the need to replace device batteries.


Sanders Secure Orisec CT20 Alarm System
Orisec Internal Detectors

Wireless Alarm Systems

Our wireless intruder alarm systems in Plymouth are ideal for installations where running cables is challenging. These systems offer flexibility, ease of installation, and robust protection. They are cost-effective and offer various detection devices suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Wireless systems are versatile and suitable for most building types, making them a popular choice for installation. However, regular alarm maintenance is essential for optimal performance.

Alarm System Monitoring

All our intruder alarm systems in Plymouth support remote monitoring, ensuring your property is protected 24/7. Whether through a smartphone app or a professional alarm receiving centre, our systems provide peace of mind.

  • iOS/Android App: Access your intruder alarm system remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC): Securely signal to a 24-hour alarm receiving centre, which will respond and contact relevant keyholders.

This remote monitoring can be achieved through a broadband connection or cellular network like CSL, or both for dual-path alarm monitoring.

Texecom Cloud app
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Alarm System Servicing and Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your burglar alarm system in Plymouth functioning optimally and compliant with regulations. Our professional services ensure your system is always ready to protect your property.

Sanders Secure recommends following the manufacturer’s guidelines for system maintenance, which helps maintain warranty validity and ensures fault-free operation when needed.

For wireless systems, we advise changing device batteries every 12 months.

Sanders Secure offers servicing for existing systems, providing peace of mind to customers in Plymouth, South Devon, and Cornwall.

Should I have my alarm maintained?2024-05-14T20:58:29+01:00

Yes, it’s highly advisable to have your alarm system maintained regularly. Here’s why:

    • Ensures Proper Functioning: Regular maintenance helps ensure that your alarm system is functioning correctly and effectively. It allows technicians to identify and address any issues before they become serious problems.
    • Prevents False Alarms: A well-maintained alarm system is less likely to experience false alarms, which can be inconvenient and may result in fines or penalties from authorities.
    • Maximises Lifespan: Regular maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your alarm system by keeping all components in good working condition. This can save you money on costly repairs or replacements in the long run.
    • Maintains Security Levels: By keeping your alarm system well-maintained, you can maintain the security levels of your property and have peace of mind knowing that your home or business is adequately protected against intruders.
Where do you install alarm systems? 2024-05-14T20:58:04+01:00

Sanders Secure installs and maintains burglar alarms, also known as intruder alarms and IDS (Intruder Detection Systems), in Plymouth, South Devon and Cornwall.

How Do Intruder Alarm System Work?2024-05-14T20:57:01+01:00

Intruder alarm systems typically consist of sensors (such as door/window contacts, motion detectors, and glass break detectors) connected to a control panel. When a sensor detects unauthorised entry or movement, it triggers the alarm, which can emit a loud sound, send alerts to a monitoring centre, or both.

What is the Best Intruder Alarm or Burglar Alarm System in the UK2024-05-14T20:56:43+01:00

The best intruder alarm system in the UK can vary depending on individual needs and preferences. Some reputable brands and systems include Orisec, Ajax Systems, Pyronix and Texecom. It’s essential to consider factors such as reliability, features, and budget when choosing the right system for your property.

Are Home Alarm Systems Worth It?2024-05-14T20:56:01+01:00

Home alarm systems are generally considered worth the investment as they provide peace of mind and enhance the security of your property. They can deter burglars, alert authorities in case of an intrusion, and sometimes even lower insurance premiums.

Do you offer pricing options, payment plans, or discounts for security system installations?2024-05-14T20:43:26+01:00

Yes, we offer competitive pricing options, flexible payment plans, and discounts for security system installations. Contact us for more information and a personalised quote tailored to your needs.

What tips do you have for improving security beyond installing a security system?2024-05-14T20:43:27+01:00

Additional security tips include implementing lighting strategies, optimizing landscaping, securing entry points, and investing in access control measures to enhance overall security.

How do different security solutions compare, such as wired vs. wireless alarm systems?2024-05-14T20:43:28+01:00

Wired alarm systems offer reliability and durability, while wireless systems provide flexibility and easier installation. Consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing between the two options.

What maintenance services do you offer for security systems in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall?2024-05-14T20:43:29+01:00

We offer comprehensive maintenance services for security systems in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall, including battery replacements, software updates, and regular inspections. Our goal is to ensure that your security system remains in optimal condition and provides reliable protection for your property.

What are the key features of your wireless intruder alarm systems?2024-05-14T20:55:20+01:00

Our wireless intruder alarm systems offer advanced features such as motion sensors, door contacts, and remote monitoring capabilities. With cutting-edge technology from trusted manufacturers like Orisec , Ajax Systems and Texecom, our alarm systems provide reliable protection for businesses and homes in Plymouth and beyond.

Do you provide security system installation services outside of Plymouth?2024-05-14T20:43:29+01:00

Yes, we offer security system installation services not only in Plymouth but also in surrounding areas, including South Devon and Cornwall. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive security solutions to businesses and homeowners across the region.

How can I maintain my security system to ensure it remains effective?2024-05-14T20:43:29+01:00
  • Maintaining your security system is crucial for ensuring its effectiveness and longevity. Some essential maintenance tasks include:
    • Regular testing: Conduct routine tests of your alarm system to ensure all components are functioning correctly.
    • Battery replacement: Replace batteries in wireless devices and sensors as needed to prevent system failures.
    • Software updates: Keep your security system’s software up to date to patch any vulnerabilities and ensure optimal performance.
    • Professional servicing: Schedule regular maintenance visits from a qualified technician to inspect and service your system according to manufacturer guidelines.
What factors should I consider when choosing an alarm installer?2024-05-14T20:43:29+01:00
  • When selecting an alarm installer, it’s essential to consider several factors, including:
    • Experience and expertise: Look for a company with a proven track record of installing and maintaining security systems.
    • Reputation and reviews: Check online reviews and testimonials from previous customers to gauge the quality of service.
    • Range of services offered: Ensure the installer offers a comprehensive range of security solutions tailored to your needs.
    • Pricing and affordability: Request quotes from multiple installers to compare prices and find the best value for your budget.
What are the benefits of installing an intruder alarm system?2024-05-14T20:43:30+01:00
  • Installing an intruder alarm system provides numerous benefits, including:
    • Enhanced security for your premises, deterring potential burglars and intruders.
    • Peace of mind, knowing that your property is protected around the clock.
    • Potential discounts on insurance premiums, as many insurance providers offer lower rates for properties with approved alarm systems.
    • Integration with other security features, such as CCTV cameras and access control systems, for comprehensive protection.
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All our products and services are backed by the manufacturers warranty along with the products complying to the relevant British Standards.

At Sanders Secure, we stand by our commitment to your safety and peace of mind. Our guarantee encompasses the following key principles:

  1. Quality Assurance: We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch security solutions. Our systems are meticulously designed, installed, and maintained to the highest industry standards.
  2. Reliability: Your security is our priority. Our alarm systems are built for reliability, ensuring they function seamlessly when you need them most.
  3. Personalized Service: As a family-run business, we offer a personal touch. Expect attentive customer service, tailored solutions, and a genuine commitment to your security needs.
  4. 24/7 Support: Emergencies don’t wait, and neither do we. Our round-the-clock support ensures that you’re never alone in times of crisis.

Choose Sanders Secure—where trust meets protection.

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