Orisec Wireless Vehicle Protector

Introducing the Orisec Wireless Vehicle Protector: Ultimate Vehicle Security

At Sanders Secure, we’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in security technology to ensure our customers have access to the best protection possible. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the new Wireless Vehicle Protector from Orisec. This innovative device is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing Orisec burglar alarm or Orisec intruder alarm system, offering top-notch security for your vehicle.

Why Choose the Wireless Vehicle Protector?

Whether your vehicle is parked on your driveway, in your garage, or outside your home, the Orisec Wireless Vehicle Protector ensures it remains safe and secure. Here’s why this product is a game-changer for vehicle security:

1. Protect Any Vehicle: The Wireless Vehicle Protector is versatile and can be used to protect any type of vehicle. From cars to motorcycles, this device has you covered.

2. Alarm or Chime Mode: Choose between alarm mode for maximum security or chime mode for gentle reminders and notifications.

3. Independent App Control: Control the Wireless Vehicle Protector independently via the ControlPlus2 app. This app makes it easy to manage your vehicle’s security from anywhere.

4. Comfort LEDs: The comfort LEDs provide clear status updates at a glance, ensuring you’re always aware of your vehicle’s security status.

5. Simple One-Button Arming: Arm the device with just one button for straightforward, hassle-free operation.

6. Reliable Wireless Communication: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with 2-way wireless communications, ensuring constant and reliable connectivity.

7. Accurate Battery Reading: True battery reading allows you to keep track of battery levels, so you’re never caught off guard.

8. Advanced Technology: Featuring frequency hopping technology, this device ensures secure and interference-free communication.

9. Stylish Design: Available in three stylish strap colours—Red, Black, or Yellow—the Wireless Vehicle Protector not only works great but looks great too.

Seamless Integration with Orisec Alarm Systems

To make the most of the Wireless Vehicle Protector, you must have an Orisec alarm system. This ensures seamless integration and optimal performance. The Wireless Vehicle Protector works in harmony with your Orisec alarm system to provide comprehensive security for both your home and vehicle.

Ideal for Various Parking Situations

Whether your vehicle is parked on the drive, in a garage, or outside your home, the Wireless Vehicle Protector is ideally suited for various parking situations. Its robust features ensure your vehicle is protected outside your home.

Get Started with Sanders Secure

At Sanders Secure, we’re committed to providing you with the best security solutions available. If you’re interested in enhancing your vehicle’s security with the Orisec Wireless Vehicle Protector, contact us today. Our team of experts will be happy to help you integrate this advanced security device with your existing Orisec alarm system.

Protect your vehicle with the latest in security technology from Sanders Secure and Orisec. Don’t wait—secure your peace of mind today!